WPD looks to aid net zero push with digitalisation strategy

Telecommunication network above city, wireless mobile internet technology for smart grid or 5G LTE data connection, concept about IoT, global business, fintech, blockchain

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has set out how it intends to use the latest digital technologies and data innovations to transform the way it develops and operates its network across the South West, Midlandsm and South Wales.

On 15 September, WPD published its digitalisation strategy which, it said, should result in faster decarbonisation through greater network efficiency and flexibility, along with more responsive customer service and lower energy bills for customers. The focus will be on improving data management, increasing network insight and presuming open data. WPD said this will deliver insight for network capacity as well as improving connection planning and new service propositions.

It further set out how digitalisation will also be key to maximising efficiency and flexibility. This will be through allowing for the connection of more low carbon technologies, including distributed generation, electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs and electrified heating, while minimising the need for network reinforcement. WPD added that its commitment to better data collection and open sharing will also empower third party innovators to develop dynamic new solutions to energy challenges, tackling areas such as fuel poverty and supporting local energy cooperatives.