Zenobe joins forces with National Grid on world-first Power Potential Project

Zenobe Energy will provide National Grid with reactive power services as part of the world-first Power Potential Project.

On 4 March, Current+ reported that Zenobe will provide 10MW of battery storage for reactive power services to National Grid ESO through UK Power Networks’ distribution network. The Power Potential Project has the aim of creating a new reactive power market for distributed energy resources in the South East. It could save consumers over £400mn by 2050, while also generating up to an additional 4GW.

National Grid ESO’s Power Potential Project lead, Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, said: “Greater levels of renewable energy mean we are finding new ways of managing the electricity system. Our Power Potential project, in partnership with UK Power Networks, is a world first, using different technologies such as wind, solar and Zenobe’s batteries, to help provide reactive power and manage system voltage.”

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