Zero Carbon Heating Taskforce targets innovative financial solutions

The Green Finance Institute has announced the launch of an action group, which will develop a portfolio of innovative financial solutions to unlock heating investment in the UK.

The Zero Carbon Heating Taskforce, unveiled on 16 September, is part of the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (CEEB). It will bring together a focused group of CEEB members from areas including financial services, local and national government, as well as the energy and construction industries, with experts from the heating sector. Together, they will look to design, launch, and scale the financing mechanisms required to enable the rapid adoption of zero carbon heating technologies in individual buildings and across entire districts of the UK.

The taskforce will conduct a focussed review to identify the barriers and enablers to investment in low carbon heating across the UK housing market. This includes both on and off gas grid homes, as well as new builds and district heating networks. It will then use these findings to co-design and launch a series of new financial products and non-financial enablers to drive investment into the sector.

Green Finance Institute